Black Deer Transport – our frieght transportation services are tailored to meet your needs.

FTL - Full Truckload

It is a shipment that utilizes the entire truck dedicated for this assignment. The truck goes from point A to B without any other pickups, so it takes less time, and items are not moved around until they reach their destination.


LTL means that many shipments from different entities are combined to fill the entire truck. It is recommended for small businesses that need to ship regularly but cannot fill the whole truck. It is the most time-consuming and damage-sensitive solution. It requires much more handling than FTL. There might be several stops for pickups and unloading along the way which means that your products will be moved.

Experience the difference with Black Deer 

Temperature Control

All our reefers have electronic wireless temperature monitors. Together with door opening sensors, they give us a real time picture of every delivery in process and load condition.


All our vehicles are equipped with GPS devices. This allows us to follow them up in real time and adjust the routes according to traffic and road conditions.

Online Tracking

Our registered customers have real time online access to electronic dispatch and GPS tracking of their loads.

Electronic Dispatch

Orders are submitted to drivers' radios by our electronic dispatch system, providing immediate response and exact timing whether the order is received, the load picked up or delivery completed.

Speed Monitoring

Our dispatchers work hard to offer our customers the fastest service possible. We also care for the load being delivered intact and the safety of our operations. All our vehicles have speed violation alerts integrated into wireless GPS tracking.

Electronic Invoicing and Document Processing

We are trying to make our business as green as possible and support customers switched to paperless offices. All paperwork is being scanned and stored electronically available by request, we also offer invoicing by email.

Experience the difference with Black Deer Transport and entrust your cargo to a company that understands the importance of every delivery.